Uncommonly Uncanny

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Hello everybody!

My name is frankierose, welcome back to another let's play!!!!!

I made this weird ass comic in March of 2020, and then I left it to rot for... *squints* almost a year. Woo!

I honestly have no idea how I had the motivation to make this goofy story AND code a whole website for it... I even wrote like, half of it before I stopped hyperfixating. Crazy brain! Anyways this website exists because past me (and current me) hated Webtoon. Also coding is fun sorry!!!

yes i made this comic because of my chemical romance and homestuck, feel free to bully me i understand

Anyways, hi! I am Frankie, I'm a high schooler who really likes music and horror and weird niche junk. I have actually watched staple horror movies since making this! Good job me. I'm trans (they/he) and queer and I like writing and drawing and that's why I'm making a comic? I guess. Also I am ADHD and autistic if that wasn't obvious based on this whole website. /hj Also I love men bye

IF you'd like to find me anywhere else here are some links for you.

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