Uncommonly Uncanny

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Plot. Things Happen.

So ya'll wanna hear the Juicy Stuff huh. Well here is an In Depth Analysis of Uncommmonly Uncanny (or as in depth as i can get without the spoilies.)

Essentially these two Gorls (best friends of course), Kiara and Molly decide to do some midnight occult activities and accidentally summon this huge all-powerful demon, Mephistopheles. (or Mephi, for short) She's a bitch. So Key calls her girlfriend, Neesha, and is all like 'U gotta help us we made a fucky wucky' and Neesha goes 'Aight' and that's the end of that.

SO they get the gang together, and try and battle Miss Mephistophebitch. At some point. Lots of spooky events occur - possession, manipulation, murder and lots of Deamoons!!!!! That's essentially all I can tell you, but if you want to know more about the characters, click the green characters button stupid.

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FAQ (or what i think they'd be)

What genre is this comic going to be?

It's a lot. More or less a dark comedy but with some angsty emotional moments. (most of it is stupid jokes though so don't worry too much. its not awful in terms of Sad Times)

Will any other characters be introduced?

There will be side characters, yes, but they aren't really important. Just little characters that are funny to me and no one else. Inside jokes but...with myself...sad.

Are you okay with fanart/fanfiction/fan-etc?

Of course!!!! I love seeing art of my characters it makes me so genuinely happy. If you wanna send anything to me, you can tag my personal Tumblr, or email it to the UU email. :D

Do you have any art/writing/comic advice?

no because i have no idea what im doing im sorry MSDFHAJKDKJHSJDF. Seriously though, I'm winging it. I have a plan, but it's a VERY loose plan. Also I'm doing this for myself, so my best advice? Don't make it a chore. Don't stress too much. This is YOUR universe and YOUR characters and no one else's opinions really matter since you aren't making it for them.

When will you finish writing? Will you update regularly?

I don't know, and hopefully. I've been working on this for 5 months and I still haven't finished writing the script for Act One. But once I finish writing and get a headstart on the pages, I'm hoping to update every Saturday. But WE'LL HAVE TO SEEEEEE.

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