Uncommonly Uncanny

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HI, I'm Frankie.

I made this stupid comic and started 'producing' it in March of 2020. Pretty funky right?

I don't really know why I made this thing. I didn't think I'd ever get to writing it or drawing it and yet here I am. Writing and drawing a comic by myself and coding a whole stupid website for it. Anyway Webtoon is stupid so that's why this website is a thing. Also coding is fun shut the hell your mouth!!

I've always liked the idea of creating a comic, especially since reading Homestuck (which i still have not finished) but I never had an idea for it till now. The themes are largly based off of Religion and The Occult, obviously, because I am an emo bastard who used to listen to MCR religiously. Very inspired by Unholyverse. Do Not Ask. Please Leave Me Alone. And as my mother would say, Google It.

ANYWAY, ABOUT ME. YES, THATS WHAT THIS PAGE IS FOR. There's not much to say I guess? I'm a high schooler who really likes dark stuff and yet hasn't really watched any staple horror movies. I'm queer (which is why there are so many queer relationships in this shitshow i would like representation) and nonbinary (they/she) and yeah. Trans girls are beautiful bye

IF you'd like to find me anywhere else here are some links for you.

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