Uncommonly Uncanny

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-power hungry bunny, cute but deadly
-definitely a bit TOO attached to Mephi
-kooky... kinda you know insain in tha menbrain

age: 18
birthday: feburary 14th
height: 5' 6"
gender: female (she/her)
sexuality: lesbian
theme: prescription, mindless self indulgence
voice claim: a combination of spinel (SU) and pinkie pie? (MLP)

DISCLAIMER: her design has changed somewhat as I don't draw her with the hair charms anymore. That's all :)

One of the main antagonists in UU, she's a murderer obsessed with turning her victims into tokens. She gets taken in as Mephi's associate and they commit the evilness together. I hate her, and so does everyone else (except Neesha) but at the same time I cannot help but love her. I draw her too much. Help.
She likes to stab. Would stab you out of love, anger, sadness, excitement, etcetera... Might have a thing for blood. Who knows.

uncommonly uncanny (c) frankierose 2020