Uncommonly Uncanny

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Hi, Frankie here, just want to let you know that you should PROCEED WITH CAUTION!! The Canon here is very wibbly wobbly and in all honesty most of it is just headcanons for my own characters. It doesn't make sense but whatever my world my rules. PLEASE please please I am begging you don't harass anyone over their gender or sexualities. I just want some rep and as a queer person, I don't CARE if you ship Max and Neesha for example, you can HC him as bi for all I care.

ALTHOUGH I'd like to say, Don't Make The Trans People Cis. That's all I ask. I don't care if you HC the cis characters as trans, or HC Em as genderfluid/bigender/a different enby identity because you project onto them, but cis normativity is already rampant and as a Trans Person(tm) I'd appreciate it if you Didn't. Thank you!

Anyway here's the characters page that you asked for. Love ya!

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