Uncommonly Uncanny

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Summary and Character Introductions

6 young adults get themselves caught up in a web of demons, adorably evil serial killers, and the apocolypse. Exciting stuff!

Meet the lovable cast as you go through the story:

Neesha, the sarcastic goofball. Kiara, the one who never left her emo phase. Max, the scaredy-cat stereotype.
Em, the hashtag Chaotic one!! Molly, the Cool One. And finally, Scam, the sweetest boy to exist ever.
Don't forget everyones favorite antagonists - Mephi, the big bad wolf, and Charmy, Mephi's loyal henchman.

FAQ (or what i think they'd be)

What genre is this comic going to be?

Generally a dark comedy with some occasional sad moments.

Will any other characters be introduced?

There will be characters that are easter egg-y but not main character-wise, no.

Are you okay with fanart/fanfiction/fan-etc?

Absolutely! Feel free to tag me on Instagram or email me.

Do you have any art/writing/comic advice?

i have no idea what im doing. i started writing this over a year ago and took a hiatus for. a year. moral of the story is dont come to me for advice

When will you finish writing? Will you update regularly?

No clue! Also hopefully. It'll be updated on Saturdays, or whenever I feel like it. Bonus pages!

uncommonly uncanny (c) frankierose 2020