Uncommonly Uncanny

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-zombie cat, raised from the dead
-gets dragged into the whole mess by neesha
-major nervous anxious man! also has adhd

age: 18
birthday: april 27th
height: 5' 0"
gender: male (he/him)
sexuality: gay
theme: into the cave we wander, gerard way
voice claim: double dee, ed edd n eddy

Scemo zombie catto, he tends to be very timid and gets spooked by loud noises. Thanks to Neesha, though, his social circle has expanded and he has lots of lovely friends! Has a fear of thunder and lightning. He has a vivid imagination and loves writing and creating universes!
He can also detach his zombie limbs from his body :) spooooooookyyyyyy

Is Scam's boyfriend!

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