Uncommonly Uncanny

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-super powerful, all knowing demon.
-wants to take over the world, and transform it into her very own carnival for her own entertainment
-very evil and very good at getting what she wants - a total narcissist

age: ???
birthday: ???
height: can shapeshift, 6' 8" is standard
gender: genderfluid (usually goes by she/her as that's how people percieve her most of the time)
sexuality: asexual
theme: girl anachronism, the dresden dolls
voice claim: amanda palmer

The big big baddie demon lady. You love to hate her. She's a shapeshifter, super manipulator and has been around since the dawn of time. Loves to trap you in her webs :) Not much else is known about her as she is fairly mysterious. And no one cares anyway.
Loud. Big and loud. Intimidating. That's all bye

uncommonly uncanny (c) frankierose 2020