Uncommonly Uncanny

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-gothic bat who drank so much monster she became the monster
-Commits Shenanigans with Kiara, obviously
-is pretty weird but actually really chill. would say she'd eat your eyes

age: 21
birthday: january 19th
height: 5' 8"
gender: trans woman (she/her)
sexuality: bisexual
theme: half jack, the dresden dolls
voice claim: april ludgate, parks and recreation

Darkly inclined bat, can be a little offputting at first but once you get to know her and hang out with her more, she's actually pretty cool. Although, the weird threats never stop. Owns 4 pairs of platform shoes, somehow.
She's always had an interest in the occult, but never participated in anything more than a Ouija board - till now of course. She's been diagnosed with stupid disease bluh

Is Em's girlfriend!

uncommonly uncanny (c) frankierose 2020