Uncommonly Uncanny

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-maned wolf. definitely kins sans
-summons mephi with molly, her cool sexy best friend
-makes deez nuts jokes 24/7

age: 21
birthday: january 11th
height: 5' 10"
gender: female (she/her)
sexuality: queer
theme: any mitski song (alternatively, eff, bo burnham)
voice claim: marceline, adventure time

Gay little gay wolf who is an 'epic gamer' (she plays mario games and only mario games /hj) and tends to prefer being by herself. A wallflower of sorts, parties were never really her scene. Probably reads books. (Derogatory)
She would never admit it, but she listens to classical/waltz music on the regular. Would die for Neesha?

Is Neeshas's girlfriend!

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