Uncommonly Uncanny

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-scene kid, can be annoying but they just want the best for others
-gets dragged into the whole mess by kiara
-has adhd and anxiety but LOVES to cover up her problems with humor

age: 19
birthday: june 13th
height: 5' 4"
gender: demigirl (they/she)
sexuality: bisexual
theme: how its going to be, gerard way
voice claim: kate micucci

A nice nice catto, just wants to be friends with everyone! She is pretty social but is an introvert, so while she does try and keep all her relationships steady she gets exhausted very easily. She loves music, art and horror movies. And also girls. Girls pretty.
They tend to be very outgoing and loud in social situations, and often times they don't realize it. Many people get put off by her personality at first but she's trying her best okay be nice to her

Is Kiara's joyfriend!

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