Uncommonly Uncanny

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-emo wolf lady, Very Edgy.
-summons mephi with molly, her bff4ever
-has severe depression and anxiety but covers it with resentment and sarcasm

age: 20
birthday: september 21st
height: 5' 10"
gender: female (she/her)
sexuality: lesbian
theme: francis forever, mitski
voice claim: marceline, adventure time

Self-proclaimed emo wolf who has a dark sense of humor and a pessimistic outlook on life. She's a huge wallflower and doesn't really like to be seen. Prefers to Observe in social situations, and ususally sticks with The Group. She loves gore, plays guitar and loves hardcore rock.
Even though she's got a hard outer shell, she has a huge soft spot for her close friends. Actually quite enjoys classical music and would definitely die for Neesh.

Is Neeshas's girlfriend!

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