Uncommonly Uncanny

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-corgi botanist who carries plants around in his BAG
-very sweet and considerate, often the mediator
-he's a little stubborn sometimes but generally he's just a fun guy!!!

age: 22
birthday: may 18th
height: 5' 4"
gender: male (he/him)
sexuality: pansexual
theme: the afternoon, lemon demon
voice claim: ray toro (FOR NOW.)

Mister corgi man! He frequently sticks it to the man, as any good punk would. Showers once a week. Dyed his own hair with Manic Panic - it hasn't faded and it's been 6 months since he last dyed it... Also, he was born without his forearm! He loves to come up with elaborate stories as to why he doesnt have it.
Probably makes his own tea, as he has tons of herbs growing in his cramped little apartment.

Is Max's boyfriend!

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